BEH ART: The Talking Flowers


L2-61The Talking Flowers


Chinese contemporary painting on 2-ply rice paper

13.5 x 40″, unframed


This is a colorful, lively, and amusing contemporary Chinese painting that retrieves your memory – from sweet to bitter, from sour to tangy, and from dullness to brightness… The abstract shadows of flowers and a bird are in black, but at the same time decorated with all sorts of colors that depict their feelings, emotions, interaction and spiritual interconnection. It is the perfect piece of art for one to stare at for a whole day. It brings you back the memories with that “someone” you have always placed (consciously or not) in your mind. No matter it’s bitter or sweet, it’s all there. You can feel, see it, touch it, sense it and smell it whenever the memory wakes you up. Wow!


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