BEH ART: Love Cliff


L2-64-Love Cliff


Chinese contemporary painting on 2-ply rice paper

Original – 13.5 x 54.5″, unframed
Prints (various sizes) also available


An abstract, contemporary Chinese painting that depicts a very beautiful but deadly cliff, with trees and branches stretching out from the edges and upward, sometimes acting as an assisting “device” for the climbers, and at other times as a deadly trap – if you fail and fall on them during your trip upward!  The pink and bright slashes illustrate love and joy. However, the roughness is also part of this lovely package –  that’s what love is about sometimes!  Embrace what is in front of you, keep climbing upward and don’t stop! Brightness is in sight if you just look up and it’s not beyond reach. You just need to climb to the top!  Hope this painting will give you the power to step up – whether in your journey of the search for love or in your relationship with your loved ones. And hope the climb will make you rid of the fear of obstacles that bump in your way!

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