poster resized 2

Great thanks to Mak Jo Si (, my master and teacher and sensei who has been guiding my artwork and introducing me to the different techniques, perspectives and the FUN of art! And with his help, our LOGO is now up and about! It is based on my original drawing of the character BEH (bear) in Beh and Friends:

beh and friends

There are many sides of this BEH – she can be an artist, a snow bear, a pirate, a cowgirl, a ninja… Just name it! BUT there is one thing that is always in her BIG and INNOCENT head – the IMPORTANCE of having FUN and enjoying LIFE! It would be awful to just to imagine a life that is dull, boring, lack of good liquor and without painting and music…!!!!!

Take a look at the background of the poster too. Do you remember my earlier painting “Arrow of Joy“? Now this “joyful arrow” is fired with all the beautiful colours in the poster!

L28-Arrow of Joy

Hope you will continue to enjoy my blog. Comments are of course always welcome!

May joy be with you!





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