BEH ART: Soul Travel


Chinese contemporary painting on 2-ply rice paper

27 x 54″, unframed
This is a piece of contemporary chinese calligraphy art, with the Chinese character “遊” (translated as tour/travel/journey) written in a contemporary calligraphy form which illustrates the jourey of the artist’s soul. The stamp inside the black area is the artist inside the Chinese character “方” (translated as direction) of the word “遊” (translated as tour/travel/journey), referring to the artist as the director or leader of the trip, going through all things on earth and seeing all different elements – dark and light, smooth and rough, black and white, tense and loose, rigid and flow – all sorts of fun contrast. This is a journey of LIFE, travelling and navigating with the soul and wisdom of the artist. The art piece will bring wisdom of life to the one who possesses it, and makes the owner of this art piece never fear but enjoy experiencing different things in life.
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