BEH ART: Dancing in Love (and Hate)

L3-60-Dancing in Love and Hate


Chinese contemporary painting on 3-ply rice paper

Mega size 38 x 84″, unframed

A strong relationship usually is not without tiny bit of bitterness despite being very sweet. This contemporary Chinese calligraphy painting shows the cycle of love with brilliant and bright colors that illustrate both the cold, the cool, and maybe even some “hatred”, while the red is there to show the warmth, the love, and all the tender moments with endless sweetness that you will never forget. After a long time together with someone, it’s time to look at this painting, and reflect on the many years you two have just walked through together, and the days and months that make the two of you today. Treasure love, tolerate and mellow out the coldness when it kicks in, and then warmth will follow soon after! Sometimes, you cannot only like summer and dislike winter! Wishing every loving couple in the world to be loving and considerate to their other half and love and embrace not just like the “good” sides of your loved one!


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